Are you new to the VATSIM Network?

If you are new to the network, we would suggest signing up to VATSIM by visiting this link:

During the sign up process, please select the Asia Region and West Asia Division, then login to VATAME HQ System to enroll in Nepal vACC

Once your registration is complete and have got a VATSIM ID and VATSIM password, you need to read the VATSIM Code of Conduct

To get started on VATSIM, we highly encourage you to visit Getting Started

Are you a member of the VATSIM network?

If you are a member of the VATSIM Network and you are operating in another region, you may transfer to Asia Region and West Asia Division via the Regional Change Link

To make sure that you qualify for a transfer request, please review the “Transfer Requests and Visiting Controllers” section of the vACC Constitution