On behalf of the community and staff team, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for choosing to become a virtual air traffic controller in Nepal.

To get started, please login to VATAME HQ System to request training from a mentor/instructor prior to logging in to the network and providing control services.

Once you are logged in, the system will ask you to select a home vACC, to make sure that we have your records for training, please do select Nepal vACC. Once that is done, please go to Members > ATC > Request ATC Training page to see whether an instructor and/or mentor has added their availability, if they did, please do select the best time that works for you. If you are unable to make the times suggested, please do submit your availability and a mentor/instructor will accept it if they can provide training at that time.

Once you have submitted your availability or accepted a slot offered by an instructor/mentor, the respective party will be informed of such and training will commence.

Once you are matched with an instructor/mentor, you will have three (3) days to contact your assigned mentor/instructor. If you fail to establish contact, the instructor/mentor will send you a follow up to ensure that you are still interested in training to become a controller. If the instructor/mentor, still is unable to reach you, then your file will be automatically closed and will request that you send another request for training.

Once training is completed, the instructor/mentor will request the exam token which is available at ATSimTest, so you can take the exam.

To proceed to the practical examination, the member shall successfully complete the exam and receive a mark of no less than 80% and the mentor/instructor’s recommendation to proceed to the practical examination.

Once the practical exam is successfully completed, congratulations and welcome to the team of Nepal vACC Controllers!